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What types of Series & Championship events will there be in 2024 in Europe?

Starting in 2024, we’re simplifying the structure of our championships to follow a simple progressive hierarchy.

There will be three tiers of championships:

  • National Series: A three-event series (in most countries), consisting of a Sprint, Super, and Beast with a prize purse for the overall series winners
  • Regional Championships: A single event weekend per region with short and long format events
  • World Championships: One major World Championship event per discipline. The 2024 calendar includes championships for 3K, Beast, Ultra, Trifecta, World’s Toughest Mudder, and OCRWC.

What is the European National Series Calendar? 

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 11.42.35.png

Do I have to qualify for Series & Championship events?

To race in the Pro Championship heat* - and contend for the prize purses - at Series and Championship events, qualification is required. Qualification can be achieved for each level with the following performances:

  • National Series Race - 2024 Pro Band (i.e. Top 3 overall finish in the Competitive category in any race from 2024 on) or Top 15** Elite finish in 2023 (**Top 15 applies for EU)
  • Regional Championship - Top 20 Finish at a National Series race
  • World Championship - Top 50 Finish at a Regional Championship race (3K or Beast)

*Check out this article to read all details about the new heats in 2024.

Registration deadlines may apply for claiming earned spots at these events, with unclaimed spots being opened up to additional athletes. There is no qualification email or code to register in the Pro Championship heat so you can freely register whenever you want, however, all non qualified athletes in the Pro Championship heat will be moved to Age Group heats.

For Age Group Championships heat, there is NO qualification required to participate in this category.

Registering in the competitive category, and vying for age group podiums, at Series and Championship events will not require qualification in 2024.

How will National Series points work?

Each National Series will have two points leaderboards - one for the Pro Championship Series and the other for the Age Group Championship Series. The points system will be the same for each, as shown below, with points awarded to all top 20 finishers. The winners of the series will be dictated by the racer with the most points across all of the races within the series.

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 11.42.10.png

Will there be a Cash for Pro Championship and Age Group heats?There will be a cash prize for the top 3 (men and women) overall National Series winners of the Pro Championship. Details will be communicated shortly.For the Age Group champions, there will be no cash prize. However, the overall Top 3 men and women in each age group will earn a special edition Age Group National Series awards.

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