What is a Spartan Trifecta?

The Trifecta is proof that you have conquered all three Spartan distances and have joined the Trifecta Tribe community!


You don't need anything in particular to receive your Trifecta. At the finish line of each race, you will earn the relevant "Trifecta Medal Slice" (Sprint 5km, Super 10km or Beast 21km) and once you have completed all three distances, simply place one medal together with the other to form your Trifecta.


If, on the other hand, you have completed more than one Trifecta in the course of a year, in order to collect your Trifecta X2 or Trifecta X3 you must instead go to a Finish Area manager and request it, after checking together your results and your position in the ranking.


PLEASE NOTE: starting from 2015 to each race completed anywhere in the world you will receive only the Trifecta Slice Medal, Trifecta X1 whole medals will no longer be available.


Do I have to complete the races in order of distance (i.e. Sprint first, then Super, then Beast) ? No, you can complete the three formats in the order you prefer.


How do I become a member of the Trifecta Tribe?

Become a member of the Spartan TRIFECTA Tribe by completing each of the following distances: Sprint, Super and Beast during the "Trifecta year", which runs from the Spartan TWC event in Sparta to the Spartan TWC event the following year.


The Hurricane Heat is not considered valid for the Trifecta (USA). The Ultra is considered to be a Beast. Winter Sprint is counted as a Sprint.Spartan Stadium is counted as the Spartan Sprints.


Is it necessary to be booked for the Trifecta?

No, it is an automatic process, if you have participated in the three different formats during a Trifecta year you will automatically earn the 3 segments needed to compose your Trifecta.


What obstacles are there in a Spartan Race and where do I find the course map?

The obstacles and course are never revealed in advance. You will only find out about them during the race. Our motto is: You will know at the Finish Line!!!


There are no descriptive race maps. Every Spartan Race is a surprise and must surprise the athlete. Preparation for something unknown is more interesting. There are different types of obstacles in our races. We are talking about fire, mud, water, walls to climb.


Of course, there will be obstacles created especially to catch you off guard, and you'll have to overcome them.

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