How to "claim" your points and create your profile

In order for us to have your scores on the Spartan Point Series leaderboards, you will need to "claim" your scores from Athlinks and ensure that all of your scores are added together into one Athlinks profile. 


What does it mean to "claim" your points?  By clicking on the "claim" link next to your name, in the Spartan Race leaderboard, you will be redirected to where you can claim the score of the race in question (and all unclaimed race scores). This will bring all of your scores together in one platform, where you can check all of your points and make sure they add up correctly.


I had points, I "claimed" them but they disappeared?  Don't worry, your points are not being deleted. We just need to update the system. Once the points are claimed, they are entered into your personal ID. The recalculation of the scores, by us, happens periodically. 


Why are my points not shown all at once?  This can happen if you used two different names during registration (e.g. Max and Massimo) or if you have two names (e.g. Maria Lucia) the system may not have recognized one of these variations. The best way to see your scores added up is to "claim" your points. This way is the fastest and allows you to have all your scores in the same account. Or, notify us and we will merge all the information. In order not to have such problems, we recommend that you always use the same name for all competitions (Abbreviation or first name + middle name).


When are the scores updated?  If there was an event on the Weekend, you will see your scores updated by Wednesday of the following week.

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