What is a Course Sector?

Starting in 2021 all spartan courses worldwide will be divided into 3 sections known as “sectors”. These sectors will be communicated and published latest in the race week before the race via the communication channels of Spartan.

Along with the sectors comes an approximate target time range for each sector (known as a sector time target) and the entire course overall (known as the race time target).

Each sector has a name which is simply its number (Sector 1, Sector 2, Sector 3). Each sector may also be optionally designated as focusing on a particular area of physical skill. The predefined skill areas are:

  1. Strength : features several heavy carries and/or other obstacles requiring considerable application of strength, such at Atlas Carry, Plate Drag and Hercules Hoist.
  2. Running: features fewer obstacles and relatively more uninterrupted running than other sectors.
  3. Obstacles: features the densest number of obstacles vs the other sectors.
  4. Climbing: features the most elevation gain compared to the other sectors.
  5. Swimming: features a swim of notable length


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