The Spartan Virtual Challenge is a new concept driven by our Spartan SGX coaches- and for free.
Enjoy a full workout of 45min - completely audio guided.
What you need ? The ViRace application in your smartphone and headphones.

The virtual Workout gives you maximum flexibility: within a defined time frame you can pick your time slot that works best for you. Then you just need to find a good place with some space to do the exercises, put on your sports outfit, take your phone/headphones and follow the instructions provided by our coaches. 

This workout is open to everyone. Just SIGN UP, and you're in- so the perfect time to invite some friends of yours that always found an excuse not to come to a Spartan Race.



After registering in the app, you are able to start the workout on the time window.

Here’s the rundown of the Workout: 

The Workout with audio starts when you are ready to get moving. So go wherever you’d like to do some first movements, start the event and follow the instructions from there. 

The training starts with a welcome speech with all the explanations and is then followed by a warm up session of 10 minutes. After that the actual workout starts.

No material is needed here. All you need is a little bit of space for you to do the exercises- 30m2 should do it easily. If you want to do that with your friend, do not forget to keep some space between you. 

During the entire workout, the coaches will provide you all the information needed : 

  • Number of reps
  • Exercises 
  • Duration of the exercise 
  • Incentives

The idea of the workout is to have a 30 minute session of workout divided in sections. Depending on the topic of the workout, the section could be based on : Endurance, intensity, power, stretching, strength, abs and much more.

At the end of the workout, a cool down session will be provided in order to ensure that your body will recover well after this training session. 



Focus of this race is for you to get some action, have fun and connect with other Spartans! The only category is Open : open for everyone and for all levels. 


No specific kids format for this first workout.
But kids are more than welcome if they want to join us !

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